Arcadia menu

Arcadia menu

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Our Arcadia menu has a soft colour palette to seamlessly match a range of styles and wedding themes. This design features the bride & groom's initials as a heading, with the details of your reception meal to follow. 

The standard Arcadia design features beige lettering, but you may choose your colour preference in the form that appears when you click 'Add to Cart'. 

When choosing quantities, please ensure that your guest number with its associated price bracket matches the quantity you enter. If your selected guest number does not match your purchase quantity, you will be sent an invoice to meet the correct price.

If you aren't quite ready to order but would like information or to make an early deposit (for orders at least 6 months in advance of wedding date), that's OK! Please click here.

Photos by Pineapple Images and Kaitlin Maree Photography

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