white letter
by the weeks

We are a married couple from the Gold Coast, and creativity is our thing.  
With Kelsi’s background in wedding calligraphy and writing, and Tim’s background in graphic design and screen printing, it was only natural that our skills came together at some point – so here’s our first love child, White Letter.

For us, it’s all about quality. Quality contemporary design, quality card, quality inks, quality service, quality styling. 
Design is a labour of love for us, and love should always look good.

For three years Kelsi ran a business called KB Lettering, providing hand-penned and hand-painted stationery and signs for weddings on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. She was all about custom creation, and got an insider’s view of how weddings worked and what made them beautiful, working with the Gold Coast’s best suppliers on real weddings, expos and styled photoshoots. In 2017 she got to plan her own wedding with Tim. We designed our invitations together and planned all the styling elements of our own special day, realising how easy it was for us because of our collective experience. Most people spend hours on end trying to figure out how to put together a seating chart, or how to format an invitation, or how to write names in the centre of 100 place cards (harder than you think!) – but it was second nature for us.
It was then that a spark was struck. We wanted to do this for other people. 

Our idea was to create a clean, premium brand that offered printing solutions from mid-budget to high-end weddings. We wanted to create an online space that catered to every single lettering element of your wedding day. You don’t have to find somebody to do the welcome sign, somebody else to do the invitations, somebody else to cut the place cards and provide envelopes, somebody else to write on them – it’s all here. And with a qualified writer on board, we’ll even help you write your vows. 

It is an absolute treat to create beautiful lettering for Australian weddings, and to be a small part of the love stories of so many people. We are always thrilled to hear feedback and see pictures, so please remember to tag or email us after your wedding or once you've pinned our designs on the wall! 

Thanks for visiting White Letter, you legend. 

Kelsi & Tim Weeks